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$0 per month

1 GB storage

1 GB maximum file size

1 project

1 user 2

Unlimited review links 3

Screenlight branding

$9 per user per month

50 GB storage per user

Maximum file size increases by 10 GB per user 1

Unlimited projects

Up to 25 users 2

Unlimited review links 3

Custom branding

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From $500 per month

All Professional features plus

Custom storage limits

Unlimited users

Single sign-on (SSO)

Team training sessions

Custom maximum file size

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How much storage do I get? Can I get more? 

With the Professional plan, you get 50 GB of storage per user. For example an account with 5 users has 250 GB of storage that can be shared by everyone. 

If you need more storage, you can simply add additional users to your account. 

What is the maximum file size? Can I increase it?

With the Professional plan, the maximum file size is based on the number of users. An account with one user has a `10 GB maximum file size. The limit increases by 10 GB with each user that's added to the account. For example, a 5 user account has a maximum file size of 50 GB.

If you need to upload larger files, you can simply add additional users to your account.  

What is a user? How many users do I need?

Users are people that you've added to your Screenlight account. They will need to sign in with an email address and password. 

As a rule of thumb, here's who you should consider adding as a user: 

  • Co-workers or contractors that need to upload media, manage projects, or administer the account.
  • People on projects where you need to lock down access with individual email addresses and passwords. 
  • Regular collaborators that want to see everything together in one place. 

For people that simply need to review and provide feedback on media, it's often easiest to share media using review links.  

What are unlimited review links?

You can create and send out as many review links as you want to clients, colleagues or anyone else that needs to provide feedback on your work. 

Simply create a link, set what people can do and share it. People with review links can go directly to the media they need without getting bogged down remembering usernames and passwords. 

People with review links can view media, provide feedback, or download files depending on permissions you have set. Review links can be password protected for enhanced security and you can also set an expiration date.