Ultra-useful features to focus the creative feedback process.


Super-Speedy Uploading.

Upload files in a breeze and share as many as you like, without any size limitations.


Fully Customizable Permissions.

Easily individualize permissions and feedback capabilities (view only, view and comment, etc.) for multiple stakeholders across every project.


Fail-Proof Previews.

Screenlight reliably renders every kind of file - video, audio, images, etc. - viewable to your clients, even on older browsers.


Commenting – In Context.

No more ambiguous feedback or never-ending email replies. Now, every client comment is automatically time-stamped, with threaded commenting, keeping the conversation all in one place.


Our Platform.
Your Branding.

Level up your image by uploading your logo and company colors so that Screenlight appears to your clients as your very own, polished review platform.


Safe and Secure Delivery.

Ensure your media is fully encrypted both during transmission and at rest. You can also watermark your videos or add a viewer’s IP address to track who is viewing what and when.


Convenient Cross-Platform Review.

Eliminate all friction in the review process by letting clients access your videos across Web, Tablet and Mobile via responsive iOS and Android sites - no app needed.


Screenlight is free to use, for as long as you like!