Easily upload
your work.

Upload video, audio, or images and we’ll create preview files viewable just about anywhere. You'll never have to worry about dealing with formatting issues again.

Screenlight helps us interact with our clients more efficiently. With fast uploads, an intuitive UI, and a top tier commenting system, using Screenlight to seamlessly collaborate with teams, large or small, just makes sense.
– Ian Munsell, Head of Post-Production at VTS, Inc.

Share your work with relevant stakeholders.

Set permissions for each individual, then share the link. For added security you can password protect your project or set a date upon which access expires.

Screenlight impresses my customers - that’s why I've trusted it with hundreds of their videos. A clean, simple interface, with easy link sharing and password protecting made Screenlight an obvious choice.
– Misha Tenenbaum, Founder, EditStock

Get clearly defined feedback.

When a reviewer starts typing a comment, we automatically pause the video and grab the precise timecode. You’ll spend less time guessing where clients want changes made and more time getting the project done.

Screenlight's greatest benefit to us is its simplicity. With minimal instruction, our clients can enter time coded comments alongside the video player. They appreciate that almost as much as we do.
– Jesse Krinsky, Senior Producer, TVC NYC

Deliver your masterpiece.

Upload your final cut and bask in the glow of a successfully completed project. With the turbulent feedback phase transformed into a streamlined flow, we bet you’ll never want to work without Screenlight again.

Screenlight gives us instant access in multiple locations for comments on our rough cuts, fine cuts, and special effects—no need any longer for CDs or DVDs or shipping charges and waiting days for comments!
– Stephen Stohn, Executive Producer of Degrassi

Screenlight is free to use, for as long as you like!