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"Playing the 'feedback email' chase game is now over. Since implementing Screenlight into our workflow, we have seen an increase in quality and speed in project completions. Screenlight is a game changer."



"The simplified Screenlight review process has been a hit with not only our editors but also our clients, especially during quick turnaround projects involving colleagues in different time-zones."

— Jonny Wardle, Chrome Productions

"We dumped our in-house proofing system for Screenlight. This has greatly streamlined the entire process from posting content to reviewing time-specific feedback. Both our production staff and clients love it."

— Ryan Berdinka, Systems & IT, VMG, studio520

"Screenlight has saved us time on so many occasions when we needed a private and secure option for collaboration."

— Jordan Monaghan, Director of Accounts, Angle Media Group

"The O'Reilly Media video team uses Screenlight on a daily basis for editorial reviews with our authors and clients. We produce hundreds of hours of content each month and the collaborative user interface allows us to be agile for quick turnarounds and finalizing projects. Screenlight is designed for simplicity of use, minimal explanation is required for reviewers and they often comment with positive impressions of the platform." ­

— Kirk Walter, GM of Video Production Services, O'Reilly Media, Inc.

"We needed something which offered transparency, accountability, secure access and yet allowed flexibility. Screenlight was the best choice. It fit our risk mitigation strategy and timeline adherence, plus turn-times have been cut in half. It’s a crucial part of our workflow and team collaboration."

— Dean Shirley, Video Production, LifeLock

"Screenlight has really streamlined my review workflow. I can do everything in a couple clicks and then focus on editing."

— Brandon Adams, Owner, Light & Heat

"I compare Screenlight to having a cell phone; I have no idea how we managed before them!"

— Lynne Breniman, Multimedia/Video Services Manager, Black & Veatch Corporation

"Screenlight saves us time at the end of the day. The less time we are dealing with the logistics on creative projects the more time we have to actually be creative!"

— Chris Thibault, CHRIS TEEBO FILMS

"Clients love it. We were looking for an all in one solution where clients could login and view their project in progress right there in the browser and give feedback on the same page. Thankfully we found Screenlight."


— Christian Hughes, Owner, Curly Productions


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