Come See ScreenLight at NAB 2015

Come See ScreenLight at NAB 2015

Has it been a year already?

Last year was the first time we exhibited at NAB. We’d been there for years in our mobile booth, but we decided it was time to put down roots with a physical presence.

It was a tremendous success and we’re looking to build on that next week. We’re moving on from the Startup Loft and will be in the South Lower Hall at booth SL 14607.

Success Tips From Five Experienced Video Editors

Success Tips From Five Experienced Video Editors

I recently asked a few video editor friends of mine from all across the industry for some of their best pieces of advice.

These editors and myself come from a large variety of editing positions including TV, film, corporate and freelance. Our success tips range from computer skills to routines to communication and more.

Pinpoint Accurate Audio Review and Approval

Pinpoint Accurate Audio Review and Approval

Over the past while we have been talking with a number of people looking something like our frame accurate video review and approval, but for audio. For some it was a result of a need to review voice-overs. Others were working with audio special effects. And still others were working with longer form content such as background music or podcasts. We wanted to create a solution that would well for all of these use cases and to work as well on everything from mobile phones all the way to the beefiest of desktops — just like the rest of ScreenLight does.

As of last week, ScreenLight supports pinpoint accurate audio review and approval.

Upload audio files and watch as they are automatically encoded for preview on mobile phones, tablets and desktops without requiring your users to install additional applications or plugins.

Avid Quick Tip: Favorite Bins

Favorite Bins

Welcome to another Avid Quick Tip post! In this post I’ll show you how to use one of Avid Media Composer’s newest features: Favorite Bins.

Media Composer came out with Favorite Bins in version 8.2. If you are not yet on this or a later version then this feature isn’t available to you.

Favorite Bins are a folder of bins that you can take from one project to another automatically. You’ve always had the ability to open up bins from other projects but this capability was never automatic. You would have to manually go open up the usual stock element bins each time you created a new project. Now with Favorite Bins you keep whatever bins you want together in a folder that is available no matter what project you are in.

Prevent Piracy With Video Watermarks


As a video professional, the video you produce is valuable to you. Because of this, it is important that your work doesn't find its way to one of the many piracy sites. Unauthorized copying is a problem. That is why we have added the ability to add watermarks to your videos in ScreenLight.

How to prevent piracy with video watermarks

Adding watermarks to the videos you upload is a quick and straight forward process. Video watermarks are configured in the Video settings section of your ScreenLight Account settings.

Video settings

By default, ScreenLight will not add a watermark to the videos you upload.

Watermarks - step 1