The Command+Edit Podcast's Top 10 Non-Tech Tips for Better Editing


If you're a sleep deprived and overworked editor, then you'll love this episode of the Cmd+Edit podcast.

In the search for ways to work better, it's often easy to immediately turn to technology. I'm going to sheepishly admit that I often use working better or faster as an excuse to purchase some new gadget...

But sometimes, the biggest gains don't come from technology. They come from self improvement. Gasp... That sounds a lot like working to avoid working, but it works. Whether it's changing behaviour, learning something new or asking others for feedback, there's a lot you can do before turning to technology.

So without further ado, tune in for Josh and Nick's top non-tech tips for better editing.

  1. You don't have to use all your coverage.
  2. When you get stuck, stop and step away
  3. Don't be afraid to not cut in a scene
  4. Find someone to look at your scene or project
  5. Don't overthink the scene
  6. Watch similar videos to what you're creating
  7. Question the rules constantly
  8. Watch something cool or inspirational
  9. Watch for when you're turning your dialog (or action) scenes into tennis matches.
  10. Start editing from the middle. Don't get caught up with the perfect beginning.
  11. Remember your priorities. Walter Murch's rule of 6.

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