Getting Started With Screenlight Marker Importer for Adobe Premiere Pro

At Screenlight we want to play well with the other creative tools that you use. The better we work together, the faster you can get stuff done. And that’s the name of the game. 

To this end, we worked with Mamoworld, creator of BeatEdit, to create a free add-on for Premiere Pro that will let you import feedback from Screenlight. From there, you can work with comment makers directly in your timeline. 

Let’s take a look at how this works

Install the Screenlight Add-on for Adobe Premiere Pro

To get started, you’ll have to go to the Adobe Creative Cloud Add-ons page and install the Screenlight Add-on for Premiere Pro

Once you’ve selected the Screenlight Add-on, click the Free button to install the app. The add-on will automatically be synched and installed using Creative Cloud. 

You'll need CC (2014) - CC (2015) and Creative Cloud Sync enabled. The Screenlight panel works on Windows and Mac. 

Once the Add-on has finished syncing, you'll receive a notification from the Creative Cloud app. 

If Premiere Pro is currently open, you'll have to close it and re-open it before the panel can be loaded.  

Once you're in Premiere Pro, you can load the panel by clicking  Window > Extensions > Screenlight

This will open up the panel where you can import a Premiere Pro marker file that you’ve exported from Screenlight.

You can move the panel around or dock it in a group.

Export markers from Screenlight

Sign into Screenlight and go to the video that you want to export feedback from. 

Now click the Export comments button (it looks like a printer) that is just above the comment panel. Select Adobe Premiere Pro.

This will save a small .CSV file on your hard drive. Please make a note of where you saved the file. If you're using Safari, the file may open in another window. If this is the case, simply hit Command + S to save it to the location of your choice.

We've prepared a sample file that you can download to test the Add-on

Import markers into Adobe Premiere Pro

Open the sequence that the markers apply to in Premiere Pro. 

Click Window > Extensions > Screenlight to load the Screenlight panel. 

Once the panel has been loaded, press the Add markers to sequence button. 

This will open up a dialog box where you can select the .CSV marker file that you downloaded from Screenlight. When you have highlighted the file, double click it or click Open

The markers will now appear in the Markers panel and in the Timeline panel of Premiere Pro. 

A marker is placed for each comment from Screenlight. Comments that apply to a range of time use Range Markers. These range markers can overlap with other comments. 

Single clicking a marker in either the marker panel or timeline panel will jump to that point in the sequence. Double clicking a marker will bring up the marker detail panel. From here you can edit the comments, change the marker color, or delete the markers you no longer need.  

Turning on Marker > Ripple Sequence Markers in Premiere Pro will keep feedback in sync with the appropriate frame as you trim the sequence or add additional footage. 

Incorporating markers into your workflow

Josh wrote a great post on incorporating markers into your workflow. The post focussed on Avid Media composer but the same suggestions on where and how you can use markers apply to Premiere Pro. I’ll leave you to read the full post, but here’s the TL/DR on why to use them:

  • Track things to do on the timeline
  • Track client, producer and director requests
  • Note anything important or different about a project
  • Markers allow another editor (or producer or director) to see the status of a project
  • Markers serve as your memory. 

Help with markers

If you encounter any errors or formatting issues, please let us know and we'll be happy to give you a hand diagnosing what's wrong.