FREE Video Review and Approval with ScreenLight

Are you a freelancer building up your production or post-production business?

Are you a one person in house media production team?

Are you student working on projects where you need to get feedback?

Are you working on video projects sporadically?

If so, then you’ll love our new Free plan. You get the benefits of a full featured video review and approval platform that’s used by big agencies, production companies and brands with none of the costs.

We get it. Running a video business is hard work. You’ve got bills to pay, accounting that needs to be done, contracts to approve, and clients to manage.

You probably feel like you’ve barely got enough time to actually shoot or edit video... And that’s the part of the day that you totally love.

With all of these other activities that need to be done, the last thing you want to do is get bogged down getting feedback on your work.

Who wants to send a video through Dropbox, Vimeo, or FTP only to waste time deciphering long and confusing email threads full of feedback.

You shouldn’t fear getting feedback. When it works right, it’s great: you create better films and videos. Everyone goes home happy! In the long run great feedback will develop your talents.

We’ve introduced our Free Plan to help with this. We want everyone to experience the joy of efficiently getting precise feedback on their video projects.

Here’s why we think you’ll love our Free Plan:

Get frame accurate time stamped feedback right on the video. You don’t have to search through your inbox to get feedback. It’s right beside the video with all of its glorious context.

Send out unlimited sharing links to any file, folder, or project in your account. You have granular control over what people with the links can do. You can also set a password or expiration date for these links for additional security.

Share anything you want. Videos, images and photos can be viewed directly in ScreenLight. We’ll be adding audio and PDF support soon. In the meantime, people can download these other file types and view them locally.

Review and provide feedback on the Desktop, as well as, iOS and Android phones and tablets. Our responsive design works on any device from a locked down version of IE8 to the latest smartphones. There’s no app installation required.

Work as a team. You can add anybody to a project team and give them permission to upload media, add feedback, view other people’s comments, download assets or even manage the project. People that you invite into your account will only see projects that you give them access to. For extra security, an email and password to sign in.

Protect your assets. We encrypt media in transit and at rest. To secure media, you can set passwords for sharing links, create links that expire after a set amount of time and you can deter people from downloading stuff they shouldn’t with dynamic overlays that show the name, IP address and time a video was reviewed.

Showcase your brand. Just because you are small doesn’t mean you don’t want to look professional. You can add your logo and colors to the application and your email messages. Adding custom thumbnails to your videos will ensure that people see them exactly as you intend.

Easily add multiple files at once. You can upload as many videos and media assets as you want at one time with our drag & drop uploader. Uploads are super speedy as we automatically send your media to one of our 8 global upload locations.

Keep up to date with helpful notifications. We can automatically send out notifications when new media is added to a project, when people are added to a project, or when new comments have been made.

Of course, the best way to learn about our service is to try it out. The free plan includes 1 GB of storage, unlimited video reviews and all of our features.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for free here!