Avid Media Composer Quick Transitions

Quick Transitions are a simple way to speed up the editing process. You probably already use the "\" key to open up Quick Transitions to set a dissolve. But do you know you can access nearly any transition you use from here?

When you open up Quick Transitions there are a few default options. These are a little different depending on the version of Media Composer you are running but they should include at least: Dissolve, Film Dissolve, Film Fade, Fade to Color, Fade from Color and Dip to Color.

picture of Quick Transitions box w/ Add dropdown open

How to use Quick Transitions with Avid Media Composer

Use the following steps to add your own Quick Transitions:

1. Create a bin named "Quick Transitions".

Make sure it is spelled correctly, minus the quotes, without any leading or trailing spaces.

2. Apply a transition from the Effect Palette to a transition point.

Feel free to adjust these parameters as needed.

picture of Effect Palette

3. Open the Effect Editor and drag Effect Icon into the Quick Transitions bin.

At this point you can rename transition if desired.

picture of Effect Editor

picture of Quick Transitions Bin

4. Drag Timeline Indicator to another transition point.

5. Open up Quick Transitions by clicking the icon or using the default shortcut key of /.

6. Click the Add dropdown menu and you’ll see the new transition.

picture of Quick Transitions box w/ Add dropdown open and new transition there

That’s it! You can add a whole bunch of your favorite transitions to this bin and open it up from project to project. Make sure that it is labeled exactly "Quick Transitions" and that there is only one of these bins in a project.

Do you add your own Quick Transitions? What are your must-have transitions that you need readily accessible?