How ScreenLight Saved a CEO’s Presentation and My Weekend

I have been using ScreenLight as my client review service for the past three years. It’s gotten me out of countless jams over the years but nothing like what happened the other weekend.

The CEO of the company I work for had a last minute presentation (of course!) on the Friday I was headed out of town for a wedding (of course!). He needed to get access to a video library from another company for his presentation. Usually I would have driven to their office 20 minutes from where we’re located to grab the files. However I was on the road already three hours in the opposite direction when I found out.

While weaving through traffic I had my wife email my contact at the other company asking if they could load the 40 or so mp4 files to an FTP site or Dropbox or Google Drive. No, no and no for a variety of reasons. It’s now late afternoon on a Friday, I’m hours away and I need to get these videos. What am I to do?

Cue ScreenLight

An idea popped in my head. I have ample storage in my ScreenLight account, why don’t I just make someone at the other company a project manager and have him load all the videos there? Then my CEO can download them from the office. The problem is that I’m going 65 mph (okay, 75 mph) down the highway, I’m running late to the wedding and there’s not a Starbucks in sight to grab some WiFi.

My better half, seeing my frustration, asked if she could just do it all from my phone. Without me having to take my eyes off the road she was able to setup an user, start a new project, set the new contact as a project manager then send all the information to my contact without ever having used ScreenLight before! Within the hour we had reached the wedding, the videos were uploaded and my CEO was able to grab the files he needed for his presentation. Phew.

ScreenLight saved my CEO’s presentation and my weekend. The ease and quickness that I was able to solve this crisis speaks volumes to what they’ve been able to build. Has ScreenLight gotten you out of a jam before? Share your experiences below!