10 Reasons ScreenLight is A Better Option Than Vimeo For Review and Approval

Vimeo is great for building community and mass distribution, but it's not a great fit for client review. Here are 10 reasons why you should look at ScreenLight to share your work in progress with clients and colleagues.

You can get feedback right in the timeline

Comments are automatically timecoded and marked on the timeline. People can reply to comments to seek clarification, explain why something was done a certain way, or indicate that a requested change has been made. Keeping on top of feedback is easy when it’s not getting lost in a long and confusing email threads.

Our sharing options are like private links on steroids

You can decide whether viewers can add comments, see other people’s feedback, manage assets or download files. You can also password protect links or set an expiration time to keep things nice and secure. You can also share individual files, folders or even whole projects.

Your whole team can participate in projects

For added convenience, you can add your regular collaborators to project teams, allowing them to sign in and see all the projects they are a part of. You can manage what each person can do, and you can even give other people rights to manage their own projects or even the entire account.

You can upload and share anything

Video projects involve more than just video. With ScreenLight you can upload any type of file and organize your assets into folders. Virtually any video format will be transcoded to be viewed on any device. We create preview files out of images, and will soon be offering audio previews with annotated feedback.

Your files and feedback are in one centralized place

It’s easy to stay organized when everyone knows where to find the things they need. You don’t have to worry about having scripts in one place, videos in another, and feedback lost in yet another silo.

Shorter encoding queues

When there is a rush of videos uploaded to ScreenLight, additional encoding servers are spun up automatically instead of letting a queue build up. When we benchmarked our service vs. Vimeo we were much faster. 1,2

You don’t have to worry about copyright match getting in your way

When you are on a deadline, you can’t risk your videos getting caught in a moderation queue where you may have to go through an appeals process. With ScreenLight, your private links are private. We don’t scan your files or look at what you’ve uploaded. We understand that it’s pretty common to use copyrighted material as a temporary placeholder in work in progress, and we aren’t going to penalize you for that.

Our workflow is designed around review and approval

ScreenLight makes your media files look and sound as good as possible without drawing attention to itself. The first time one of your clients experiences ScreenLight, they are presented with a clean, easy to understand user interface that draws attention to your content and not itself.

There are no upsells or distractions

We don’t prompt reviewers to upgrade to a Plus or Pro plan, we don’t display advertisements, and we don’t suggest other things people might enjoy. We know they are using our system to provide feedback and get on with their day.

We are standing by to help you and your clients

We don’t tier our support based on the plan you use. Everyone gets live phone, email, or chat support. We are very responsive and our support goes beyond simply helping out when things aren’t working. We love to provide suggestions on ways to work more efficiently or listen to suggestions about new features.

You can customize ScreenLight to match your brand

With custom branding you can present a more professional image to your clients.

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