Biscardi Creative and ScreenLight Talk about Client Collaboration

One of our favorite clients, Walter Biscardi, Jr., captured us on his #WallyCam at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas early one morning at NAB.

#WallyCam talks Client Collaboration and Review with Screenlight from walter biscardi, jr. on Vimeo.

The interview gave us a brief chance to talk about the new ways to organize media in ScreenLight and the flexible media sharing options that are at the heart of our recent redesign.

Walter has been using ScreenLight for the last year or so and his feedback has been really helpful in developing our service. His clients love having one secure place where they can go to view and provide time-stamped feedback on media for all of their projects. They also like the option to download final deliverables once videos have been finalized.

If you missed us at NAB and are interested in learning more about ScreenLight, please get in touch and we'd be happy to discuss your workflow and give you a personalized demo of our review and approval platform.