Expiring links makes sharing even easier

When Chris and I were showing off the new ScreenLight at NAB a few weeks back, one of the areas we were focusing on in our demos was the expanded sharing links in the new release. Links offer an an easy way to loop people into a project without the hassle of having them sign in.

We were really excited to see that what we had done made sense to everyone. Equally interesting was that of the people looking for something more from sharing links, they were all looking for the same thing — being able to set an expiration time for a link.

Links expire so you don't have to remember to remove them

The reason everyone gave us for wanting to expire links is that it's a pain to have to remember to go delete links when they are no longer needed. Makes sense, you have a lot of projects on the go and if you can automate something mundane like cleaning up old sharing links, that leaves more time for more valuable work.

Keep projects on time

I can think of one other scenario where expiring links can be useful: time-boxing reviews. In some cases it may be useful to let reviewers know the link will expire at a given time so that they feel some pressure to get their feedback in early. Not the kind of thing that will work with every client, but this may help keep projects on time with some clients who tend to let things drag on.

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