8 Tips on How to Keep Final Cut Pro 7 Running

There are plenty of great reasons to keep a working copy of Final Cut Pro 7 around. If you are still working with the NLE that won't die, you've probably run into the odd crash or two :)

Here are 8 tips that should help keep those crashes to a minimum:

  • Try keeping the project size under 100 MB (splitting dailies/cuts/elements works pretty well).
  • Don't put ANY images above 2K in your project. NEVER.
  • Run your OS at 10.6.8.
  • Transcode all of your footage to ProRes.
  • Make sure the write / read speed of the network is fast enough to reach the bitrates of the material you are using.
  • If you have AJA, make sure the firmware / drivers are at suggested versions.
  • Turn off scrub high quality in the sequence settings.
  • Do not install Perian.

I first came across these tips on the reddit editors forum, and the author, Erwin Fraterman, graciously let me republish them. He uses these tips to keep things running at jumP LA.

If you have any other tips that work for you, we'd love to hear them below.