Lessons From My First YouTube Video to Hit 1 Million Views

Something like three or four years ago, I decided on a whim to pack up the camera gear, bike up to the house of one of my church youth group high school kid's house and film him getting ready to take his homemade Iron Man suit down to the theater for the premiere of Iron Man 2. I also figured I might as well cut a little interview together of why he did it.

Fast forward to last night when I receive a text from his mother:

Going to hit 1M views tonight. Stan Winston [School] gets a penny for each view? Your turn next time ;)

It actually hasn't hit 1M just yet, but combined it's been viewed over 1M times. Our channel has 97K views and the Stan Winston School's embed is about 500 views shy of 1M.

ONE MILLION. Something we made, viewed over ONE MILLION times! My head can't quite fathom that number. My life hasn't changed, our studio hasn't changed. We haven't any new projects or suddenly gotten rich or become famous. Sure, our logo is plastered at the beginning of the vid, but there's been no daily change in our activities and no new opportunities.

I think two points are worth noting here. The first being that this is the perfect example of getting your film in front of the right audience. Someone somewhere picked it up on Kotaku.com and Stan Winston School picked it up from there. This IS a video for The Stan Winston School's audience. Their craft, their niche, they're content. Consequently, almost 1M views.

Secondly, story. It was picked up because it told a story. It's audience resonated with the story. That's where they connected with the film and in turn shared it will their friends in their circles.

So in closing, tell a good story, do your best to get it in front of the appropriate audience. My thoughts? Really? This one? Not even our best work!

You can watch this video and more on OUR channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0PbbA4lf1w