New price plan to make it easier for video pros on a budget to collaborate

We like talking with video pros — editors, producers, VFX shops, colorists, distributors, pretty much anyone working with digital video. Doing so has allowed us to get an idea of both the diversity of the video production that gets done as well as the diversity of those involved in production and post production. With a service like ScreenLight, having customers that range from the solo freelancer to the in house video department of a large corporation means that we need to come up with price plans to meet their differing budgets while still ensuring that we cover our costs.

As a young company ourselves, we understand the challenges of running a new business and the trade-off of putting in long hours of hard work now with the hope that we can build something that will hopefully pay us back sometime down the road. We also often come across services that while clearly useful, are priced out of our budget. If our only cost was the $49/mo. being asked for some service, then that wouldn't be a problem. The problem is that you never just need one of these services and signing up for all of them is a sure way to come up short at month's end.

It is with an eye to these challenges as well as to the general state of the economy that we have introduced a new plan for $12/mo. This plan includes 1GB of storage which is enough to store 55 minutes of video encoded at 2500 kbps. As with all of our plans, the storage allotment acts like a hard drive — if you fill it up, you can free up space by removing videos that are no longer needed. As fast as you are able to get videos approved and delivered to your client, you can free up space for use in other projects.