Customer Showcase: Curly Productions

Curly Productions Ltd is a full service production agency specializing in online video and promotional content for a wide range of global clients. The works with some of the most talented people in the industry, from camera operators to motion graphics artists, and is passionate about working with the best clients in the world. It has worked with Microsoft, Virgin, Karcher, Lidl and Tarmac. Today we speak with Managing Director, Christian Hughes, about their approach to working with clients and the role that ScreenLight plays in centralizing communication and keeping projects on track.

Tell us about your approach to working with clients?

Its not just the quality of the finished product that we constantly strive to improve, but the entire Curly service. We pride ourselves on being friendly, easy to work with and extremely efficient. To date we have never missed a deadline.

We are always looking for ways to improve the workflow between Curly and our clients. At the end of each day we think "is there a way we could have done that better today?" We can always find new technologies and more efficient ways of working.

What's the biggest challenge you face in running your company?

The biggest challenge has and still is time management. Like any business owner - there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done that you want to. Anything that can speed up processes and save us time is a winner in my book.

How did you share videos and communicate with clients prior to adopting ScreenLight?

We used Yousendit, and other FTP solutions.

What prompted you to start using ScreenLight?

We were looking for an all in one solution where clients could login and view their project in progress right there in the browser and give feedback on the same page. We were considering building a bespoke solution which would have been very expensive - thankfully we found ScreenLight.

How has using ScreenLight changed your workflow?

Most of all its really cut down on the dozens of emails that sporadically come in with amends on them. The amends are all in one place now and can even be assigned the specific timecode. No more hunting through emails for that specific amend. Clients now just refer to watching their projects in their Curly screening room - which is great!

How have clients responded?

Clients love it. It just makes life a lot easier if they don't have to be downloading big MP4 files.

What are your favorite features of ScreenLight?

In browser feedback.

Any other time saving and workflow tips that you want to share?

Change to Premiere Pro CS6 instead of Final Cut Pro X!!