What to do When Amazon Decides to Jump Into Your Business

GigaOM just published a guest post by ScreenLight. The post, which has tips on what to do if Amazon Web Services decides to compete with you, isn't really related to video production. That being said, it has some tips on creating sources of enduring competitive advantage outside of pricing. Things to consider include, defining your unique value proposition, providing exceptional support across all customer touch points, and pricing based on value you provide rather than an anchor set by a competitor.

There are some parallels with the production industry where new competitors are using price as the lever to win business. Rather than getting into a price war that you can't win, a better course of action is to figure out how to provide unique sources of value to your customer and to communicate that value. Not everyone will be swayed, there are a number of people that have blinders on for anything besides price, but there are still clients out there who value much more.

Check out the article here.