Low-Speed Video Scrubbing on Your iPhone or iPad

I just discovered an iPhone / iPad feature that is super handy for reviewing videos. You can control the scrubbing rate of video and audio by simply moving your finger down the screen as your scrub through it.

Usually when you navigate in a video you drag the playhead horizontally to the right or the left to go forward or backward. If you pay attention, while doing this you will see a message (it took me years to notice this) that sliding your finger down will adjust the scrubbing rate.

iPhone High-Speed Scrubbing

As you slide your finger down a bit, you will see playback switch to half-speed scrubbing. I find it easier to scrub through the video if I pause it first.

iPhone Half-Speed Scrubbing

Sliding your finger futher down the screen will switch to fine scrubbing.

iPhone Fine Scrubbing

This somewhat hidden feature works really well when reviewing videos with our cloud video collaboration service. Your clients and colleagues can view videos on their iOS devices, navigate to the exact moment where they want to provide feedback, click the done button in the iOS video player, and then enter a comment that is linked to that exact frame.

iPhone ScreenLight Comment

So there you have it, your favorite iOS device is the perfect tool to get precise and meaningful feedback on project videos.