Premiere Pro CS6 Shortcuts

As a long time Final Cut Pro editor, I must say I am really enjoying working with Premiere Pro. I have completed 3 projects now on PPr and the experience has been phenomenal. The learning curve has been fairly painless, although as I mentioned in an earlier post there is not nearly the amount of resources out there for Premiere Pro as there are for Final Cut Pro.

One of the more frustrating things about learning a new application is getting a handle on the shortcuts. For those who posses an advanced muscle memory and can't imagine learning a new set of shortcuts, Premiere Pro 6 does have a great feature that allows you to change all the shortcuts to match those of Final Cut Pro or Avid. The process to set this up couldn't be more simple:

Go to "Premiere Pro > Keyboard Shortcuts...", which opens up the keyboard shorcuts window. Use the dropdown menu at the top and set to Final Cut Pro 7 (or Avid)

Premiere Pro CS6 Keyboard Presets

Now most of the shortcuts that you are familiar with for Final Cut Pro will work. I say most because I tried it out and noticed that "Cmd-X" to delete a selection on the timeline didn't work. I didn't go through all of them but "Cmd-X" is a shortcut I use frequently. If you are like me, some of you may want a clean start - kind of like getting rid of all the reminders of an ex (or "X" - sorry, couldn't resist) who broke your heart and you just want to move on. Besides, many of the shortcuts for Premiere Pro are shared across the Adobe suite of applications so I feel it's best to get one set down.

Although you can access a list of the default shortcuts by going to the same Keyboard Shortcut pop-up shown above, I find it easier to have a printout on my desk for the quick reference access. I made one up for my own use and thought I would make it available for download. You can get it here. Enjoy!