ScreenLight will end IE6 support on March 1, 2012

As we have been revamping the look and feel of ScreenLight, we have decided to phase out support for IE6, effective March 1, 2012.

The legacy browser (the current version is IE9), first introduced in 2001, has numerous security issues and formatting ideosyncracies which require special design and development attention.

Rather than spending an inordinate amount of time supporting a browser that is used by less than 1% of North American web users, we would prefer to focus on using modern frameworks which speed application development and support richer interaction than is possible with legacy browsers.

What Does This Mean for my Clients?

If you know of clients who are using IE6, you should suggest that they upgrade their browser before March 1.

Is There a Workaround for People That Need to Use IE6?

Yes. After March 1, people who visit ScreenLight using IE6 will be prompted to install a free browser plug-in called Chrome Frame from Google. The plug-in acts like a browser within a browser and handles display of websites that request its use.

People do not need Administrative rights to install the plug-in (it should work on computers where administrators do not allow applications to be installed), and it won't disrupt viewing of pages on other websites because it will only be used on sites that request the use of Chrome Frame.

Unfortunately, if people using Chrome Frame have problems accessing ScreenLight or viewing videos, our first step in troubleshooting will be to ask them to try a different browser.

Who Else has Dropped Support for IE6?

Lots of people have dropped support for IE6. Modern Browsers for Modern Applications did it in early 2010, 37Signals did it in 2008, a funeral was held in 2010, and even Microsoft wants the 10-year old browser to disappear.

What Browsers are Officially Supported?

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox 4+
  • Google Chrome - Latest versions
  • Apple Safari - Latest versions