Bigger Video Player and Application Update

We rolled out a new design for ScreenLight today.

It features a much bigger video player, less clutter, and a background colour scheme that will better complement the array of logos and colours that have been used in customer themes. The new video player and the changes in design sets the stage for some additional changes that will be introduced in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in what we did and why we did it, take a look at the annotated images below and read on for the details.

Old video player

"Video Player ScreenLight Old"

New video player

Video Player ScreenLight New

A bigger & better player

ScreenLight is about privately sharing video and making it easier to communicate during video production. So the video player was at the heart of the redesign. The size has been increased from 576 to 940 pixels wide. We have also swapped out the static playback buttons with ones that disappear when they aren't needed. Simply hover the mouse over the video and they will reappear.

The playlist has been moved below the player (alongside the comments) and the list of project participants has been moved up, so that it's now a navigation tab within a project (visible only to administrators). To keep the communication flowing, we kept the comment button close at hand at the bottom left of the video player.

With less visual clutter on this page, its quicker, easier, and more pleasurable for project participants to get down to the task at hand of reviewing videos.

Improving navigation and reducing clutter

One of the most consistent messages that we get from customers is that people like the simplicity of the application. We took these words to heart and have looked for ways to simplify navigation, reduce clutter, and add more white space.

An example of this is the changes we made to navigation within projects. Global navigation items (the links to return to the all projects and all users pages) are presented on the left side of the navigation bar, while project level navigation items (screening room, videos, participants, project settings) are presented on the right side of the screen. This better reflects the organizational structure of the application.

ScreenLight navigation

Prettifying themes

Customers use a wide variety of background and logo colours when they add a theme to the application. We have replaced the brown navigation elements and highlights with different shades of grey. This colour scheme should be easier on the eyes and keep things more consistent with your brands.

We have also cleaned up the themes by getting rid of the redundant display of the company name when a logo has been added (see below).

ScreenLight Themes

We love feedback

Let us know what you think about the new look. We have tested across browsers and operating systems, but we can't catch everything out there on our own. If something doesn't display properly for you, let us know and we'll check into it as quick as we can.

You can also email us at [] or call us at 1.800.940.6021.