Crushing 2011: Tips on Running Your Video Business More Efficiently

Happy Belated New Year!

Most of us tend to start the New Year with grand aspirations (look at me, I meant to write this a month ago). With a blank slate, it’s a great time to rethink goals and priorities. While many of us do this on a personal level, the New Year is a also a good time to do it for your business.

  • Where do you want to be at the end of 2011 and beyond?
  • What do you have to do to get there?
  • How can you run your business more efficiently?

This year, we are going to ramp up our efforts to help video professionals reach their goals. One way we will do this is by continually improving our product. Another way we will do this is by using our blog to feature a series of posts on how you can run a video business more efficiently.

The articles will draw on our own experience starting ScreenLight and should be of use to everyone from new grads that are breaking out on their own, to established production companies and agencies that are looking for a better way to get things done. The content will break down in two main areas:

Video Production and Post Production

  • Encoding video for the web and mobile devices
  • Creating Droplets in Compressor
  • What Google’s decision to remove suport for H.264 in Chrome means to producers who want to deploy video online
  • Workflow tips on using Digital SLR footage in Final Cut Pro
  • Reviews of editing tools and products

Running Your Production or Post-Production Company More Efficiently

  • Tips on naming your company
  • Improving cash flow and getting paid faster by using online invoicing tools like FreshBooks
  • How to run a tight ship with personal productivity and task management tools like OmniFocus
  • Getting rid of clutter by keeping track of receipts and business cards with services like Shoeboxed and Evernote
  • Setting up a small business phone system like GrassHopper that gives you extensions for everyone but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg
  • Using Google AdWords and LinkedIn to drive targeted leads to your video business
  • Organizing your contacts and making sure your keep the conversation going with customers by using contact management and CRM tools like BatchBook
  • Maintaining a relationship with your customers through a newsletter and email marketing tools like MailChimp
  • How to use Facebook and Twitter to connect with your customers
  • Building a new website for your production business using WordPress
  • Selecting a hosting provider for your video company
  • Adding a demo reel and video to your site

Let us know in the comments if there are any topics you would like to see. Your feedback is always welcome!