Caption Your Video Right Inside Adobe Premiere Pro or Vimeo

ScreenLight Demo Video Captions

There are a number of great reasons to caption online video.

  • It creates a great web video experience for the deaf or hard of hearing. Whether you are creating video for entertainment, education, or marketing, why would you want to alienate a part of your potential audience.

  • Your captioning files can be translated and used to reach audiences around the globe.

  • Adding transcripts to your videos helps with search engine optimization and discoverability of your work, as the content is more easily indexed by search engines.

  • It’s a requirement for broadcasters. The FCC recently ruled that existing closed captioning requirements for IP delivered video content will be extended to include individual video clips or segments extracted from shows.

Custom Video Thumbnails

Custom thumbnails black frame

Have you ever finished your edit, uploaded your rendered video to ScreenLight to share it with your client only to discover that the thumbnail is a black frame? Well step right up because those days are over. That's right, you can now set a custom video thumbnail by simply scrubbing the video. In this post I will walk you through the steps.

Avid Media Composer Quick Transitions

Quick Transitions are a simple way to speed up the editing process. You probably already use the "\" key to open up Quick Transitions to set a dissolve. But do you know you can access nearly any transition you use from here?

When you open up Quick Transitions there are a few default options. These are a little different depending on the version of Media Composer you are running but they should include at least: Dissolve, Film Dissolve, Film Fade, Fade to Color, Fade from Color and Dip to Color.

How Hubspot Uses Video to Drive Traffic and Charm Customers

Hubspot commercial videoPhoto: stevegarfield License: Creative Commons

In my last post, I covered how outdoor clothing company Patagonia uses video to engage visitors and drive sales.

But because Patagonia is a large retailer, their business might not look like your business. You might be wondering whether their tactics can work in your niche.

That’s why this case study focuses on a completely different kind of business. You’ll see how, Hubspot, an incredibly successful B2B software company, is using video to clean up in the inbound marketing niche.

As you’ll see below, using commercial video strategically can work for any business, no matter its size or niche.

Keep reading to find out how Hubspot does it…

Patagonia: A Commercial Video Success Story

Patagonia commercial videoPhoto: michael pollak License: Creative Commons

Commercial video offers an exciting opportunity to connect with viewers and turn them into customers. Video creators have total control over the information inside, and they can package it in ways that are easy for prospects to consume and enjoy.

In this series of posts, I’ve already touched on different commercial video applications and video’s unique advantages over written content.

With that being said, there’s no substitute for checking out a real company that’s already using video effectively to see the principles in action. You can draw inspiration from what’s working well and apply it in your own business.

Let’s take a look at how Patagonia, an outdoor clothing company, is using video to stand out from competitors, connect with prospects, and drive sales.